Meg Robinson Music

Melodic Harp Music--Easy to Play, Appealing to Audiences


A collection of easy yet beautiful solos for harp. Notes are easy to read and the lyric lines are really lovely. All the pieces are 3 - 5 pages in length, and will keep the interest of the adult beginner nicely. Advanced players will enjoy sight reading these as background music. Ballerina (in C), Dreaming (in F), Holding Court in Eb, Melancholy (in C), Promenade (in C), Stairsteps (in C), The Music Box (in F), and Scottish Twilight (in G). Plenty of fingerings and brackets for placing! EASY LEVER HARP. 

To see a sample page and hear each harp piece in the Plums Collection, click on the individual title you wish to learn more about: